The Minion PDB Has Arrived!

We at the Mini Quad Club are no stranger to the Minion frame from Canadian frame manufacturer Pat’s Mini H-Quad. I reviewed the tiny titan last year and had a great time bashing it around. You can see all my coverage of the frame here.

Shortly thereafter, lots of us saw what David Klein of Rotorgeeks was able to do with some 4s power coupled with 2208 2000kv motors on his custom ESCs – which was to turn the Minion into one of the smallest and fastest mini quads in the marketplace today. Checkout the Turbo Minion:

Pretty cool, eh? So how do you make such a good thing even better? Simple – you add a power distribution system, LEDs and all! It appears to have pads to hook up the ESCs, and video pads for the FPV cam and Vtx hookup as well. It even has a line filter hookup. It weighs only 16g. Awesome.

I have a feeling this new product is going to cause quite a few Minion owners to want to upgrade their setups, and will also make the decision to invest into the Minion for newcomers an even easier one. I’ll provide an update when more information is available…

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