Review Announcement: DroneKraft Mach300GT

Hey there fellow mini quad lovers, it’s me, Nick Miller, here to announce my next review: The DroneKraft Mach300GT.

The Mach300GT
 is a high-performance FPV quadcopter frame. 3mm carbon fiber throughout makes the Mach300GT lightweight and impact resistant. Extended arm set accommodates up to 7” propellers. Three separate vibration dampening systems work together for super-responsive flight and smooth video transmission and recording. 

The GT of Racing Drones. The extended arms allow up to 7″ propellers for increased thrust efficiency, giving the 300GT the handling and nimble balance of a smaller acro frame with the added flight time. Room for components allows for extended range and powerful high-speed flight characteristics of a larger multicopter.


Structural Vibration Isolation

From the Power Distribution Board up the  Mach300GT’s frame is “clean,” isolated with neoprene dampeners to protect vibration-sensitive components. Vertical and horizontal camera plates are further isolated with PVC and silicone dampeners.


Running Lights

Dual-color ultra ­bright LEDs assist in orientation during line-of-site piloting in low visibility conditions, and cast a wide illumination pattern for FPV ground-skimming. Running lights are switchable for super stealth mode.


Frame Configuration

Modular frame gives you flexibility in positioning and securing components, including an optionally-installed midplate deck for mounting a long-range receiver, FPV video transmitter, OSD or telemetry.


Solderless PDB

The Mach300GT’s Solderless Power Distribution Board is built with auxiliary pins, an XT60 battery connector, and standard 2mm gold bullet ESC connectors. We’ve already soldered them onto the board, so you don’t have to.


Modular Frame

Flexible configurations for flight controllers, receivers and video transmitters. Mounting holes for APM, cc3d, KK2.0, Naza and Naze32. Tough 3mm carbon fiber construction throughout gives the Mach300GT responsive flight characteristics and high impact strength.

frame_001a.jpgAdjustable FPV Plate

Made for fast forward flight.  Both vertical and horizontal camera plates are vibration isolated. Tighten the bottom screws on the cam plate to raise the view angle.  If you’re extra hungry for speed, move the cam back to the rear slots.  Buckle up.

I have spent the past few weeks building a v1 and consulting with DroneKraft to help bring the v2 to life. To show their gratitude, they have offered to sell the Mach300GT to Mini Quad Club members for only $125! Stay tuned to the MQC for more information!

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