I am happy to announce that I will be reviewing the Minion Mini H Quad from patsminihquad.com.

The Minion is only 218mm diagonal MTM for the 5″ prop version (260mm for the 6″ prop version, 172mm wide and 129mm long MTM and weighs 85g. The kit contains the following parts:

– 1x Mini H-Quad Top Plate 1mm CF
– 1x Mini H-Quad Bottom Plate 2mm CF
– 2x Mini H-Quad Arms 2.5mm CF
– 1x Mini H-Quad Camera Mount 1.5mm CF
– 1x Mini H-Quad Fasteners Pack

I will be reviewing the Minion 260, which is the version that supports 6″ props. I am hoping to have part 1 wrapped up sometime next week – so keep checking back. A special thanks goes out to Patrizio Gualtieri for providing the frame to the MQC for review.

Thanks again for all the support!

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