I have tested quite a few frames to date. It’s kinda my thing. 🙂 In my experience, most lack two things: hardware to attach your FPV cam to their respective cam plates, and some form of landing gear. Meet the new Mini Quad Landing Gear from Hovership – which looks to solve the latter of the two issues.

For those of you unaware, Hovership is the company behind the most successful 3d printed frame in our hobby – the MHQ, and more recently, the MHQ2. While the frames are 3D printed, these landing gear are not – they are made from an injection-molded plastic, which seems to be nearly indestructible (more on that later).

Mounted on the BEE:245

Mounted on the BEE:245

They weigh in at a total of 16 grams – which is pretty light considering the amount of ground clearance they provide.

Don’t think you need ground clearance? Well then perhaps you are one of the lucky ones who live in a climate that may be free from the mud and snow that the majority of us deal with during the fall, winter, and spring. The same majority who have resorted to lugging extra pieces of carpet or makeshift “launch pads” around with us in order to take off and land (if all goes well) in tall grass, mud, and/or snow. But I don’t want to really carry any more stuff around with me when on location, and I really don’t want to worry about landing in a puddle and soaking my ESCs. Mini Quad Landing Gear to the rescue!

Installation was a snap. Remove the M3 bolts from your motors, match up the landing gear holes, and use the provided ones to attach the landing gear onto the arms of your quad. Simple and clean. Four extra bolts were included with the kit. Kudos for that. There is nothing worse then losing one under the workbench and having to hit the LHS. If you have trouble with the installation process, perhaps you should stick to flying paper airplanes.


Pre-flight. He loves his new shoes…

It was a crisp 45 degrees on my first day of testing. Not too shabby for the first week of December in the state of Ohio. I set my quad on the ground and instantly realized that I wouldn’t have to hear the sound of fresh props hitting the grass anymore on takeoff or landing. Neat. I flew my first few flights and didn’t even notice that the landing gear where there. There was no noticeable difference in how the quad flew, and landing was no different than normal.

Those of you who have followed along with MQC up until now know how I like to fly. Fast and stupid. So of course I got to put the landing gear through its paces in almost a dozen crashes. During my first day of testing, I had no issues with their durability.


Look at all that mud! My motors and ESCs were staying nice and dry, however.

Day two was around 35 degrees or less with the wind chill, and the ground at the field was extremely muddy and covered with puddles. This was going to be excellent. As you can see from the photo, the landing gear was working as promised – and it kept the extreme amount of mud and water off my precious ESCs and out of my motors. Most excellent.

I was just about to say that these things were unbreakable after crashing quite a few times and having no issues, and then it happened.

I tried a little roll in the middle of the field and misjudged my height and met the ground at about 40mph. The landing gear didn’t fare as well as it did in the first 15 or so crashes, and one of them went on to a better place. I threw a spare on as was back in the air in less than five minutes.

15 is the magic number. Steve is going to kill me.

15 is the magic number. Steve is going to kill me…

Final Thoughts
4 ESCs – $60. 4 motors – $80. The Mini Quad Landing Gear – $10. The sound of Ben and I laughing as we realized I broke the landing gear? Priceless. It took 15 or so crashes until the landing gear finally met their match on that muddy, cold, wet day in Northeast Ohio. But until then, they managed to protect around $140 worth of gear from the elements.

Knowing that I have spent more than $10 on any given day just in props alone, I’d have to say that if you are looking for a way to add some pretty suave landing gear to your mini quad,  that you should check them out. Just keep in mind that if you fly hard and fast like me, you may want to keep an extra set handy – just in case… 🙂

Buy the Mini Quad Landing Gear:
Hovership / Multirotor Superstore / Multirotor Mania / GetFPV

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