Hovership/MQC Team Pilot Furadi has been referred to by those around him as the “Tuning Guru”. His quads fly smoothy and quickly, almost as if they are magical. Lucky for us the wizard has decided to bequeath us with this amazing video on tuning Betaflight.

From Conrad:

Hey guys, this is my attempt at a PID tuning tutorial. It’s not going to be totally comprehensive but hopefully it can be helpful. I apologize for the low volume on the voice over. I got it as loud as I could in movie maker. I don’t dive too deep into trouble shooting tuning issues. I just simply didn’t have the time. Maybe if there’s a want I can do a follow up or even a series.

NOTE: I never mentioned YAW I. I changed it from 40 to 50 after the first pack.

Check out the video and be sure to subscribe to his YouTube Channel for more.