5 Tips for FPV Newbies

I am not going to get into the particulars here about how to setup your quad for FPV. There are a TON of great resources out there for that. Instead I want to talk about a few quick tips that can help any beginner out when first taking the plunge.

#1. Your LOS Skills Don’t Mean Shit Here, Son…
I know what you are thinking. You are awesome at LOS and FPV should just be a walk in the park now that you’re LOS skills are all solid. WRONG. All your “figure 8” practice sessions in your backyard won’t prepare you to handle your quad FPV. I was awesome at LOS. I sucked for the first month or so at FPV.

#2. No Reverse
Best to forget all those times you were flying and just pressed backwards to make your quad reverse it’s course. You can’t see anything behind yourself – so those days are over. Suck it up cupcake.

#3. Bring a Spotter
I don’t care what the FAA is suggesting. Hell – I don’t think you should even follow their “rules”. But when you first start flying FPV, you need to remember that you can’t see anything around you or your quad. If you’re at the park – you might not see the small children entering the park from an entrance behind you until it is too late. Bring a friend to avoid injuring someone. We don’t need more bad press. 

#4. Get a Big Ass Battery with High MAH for Scouting
If you’re flying a new location for the first time, it really sucks to use your 1300mah pack that gets 5 minutes just to scope out where potential awesomeness could occur. Grab a higher MAH battery that you can putt around on to check out the scene before you tap in to your smaller packs meant to optimize speed and handling.

#5. Depth Perception Through Your New Eyes
One of the hardest things to get used to when flying FPV is the height and depth of the surrounding elements now that you are starting through a security camera. Do yourself a favor and get a 2.8mm or 3.6mm lens to start with. Then find things around your yard that you instinctively “know” the height of. Fly up to those and around them until you get “used to” what it looks and feels like when you are 10 feet above the ground. The same thing goes for “gaps” that you want to fly though. Find a 10 foot wide gap and fly through that. Looks like 5 feet, right?

I hope that these few tips help to get some FPV newcomers started. If  you really suck at FPV at first – don’t worry. Keep practicing as much as possible – and remember – safety first!

Welcome to our New Home!

Since the launch of the Facebook group this June, things have been on the up and up with our community. Between the Facebook group, Twitter, and Instrgram – hundreds of us have joined forces and helped to create the largest social network decided to mini quads in the world! Thanks so much for everyones help in making this dream start to become a reality.

There are plenty of big things coming up in the weeks ahead, including more product reviews, how-to-guides, and even the launch of our own custom merchandise which will be available via online store SOON. I am so excited about all the possibilities!

Thanks so much for making all this possible. More to come!


FPV – Dreamer

This video comes to us from Mini Quad Club Member Ryan Kyles. He is one of the best proximity guys out there right now. Enjoy the video!

Visit his channel

No Brakes

Sometimes you crash more than you fly. Enjoy!

FAA Tries to Screw Us Again

The Federal Aviation Administration took the first initial steps today toward severely restricting or banning all hobby and commercial drone flights in the country, putting in a request to formally cancel the document under which model aircraft have legally operated since 1981.

The document it wants to kill is called Advisory Circular 91-57, and it’s a really important one for those who fly drones: issued in 1981, the document sets the voluntary guidelines under which drones can be flown (you can read much more about that in our earlier explanation here).

Via Motherboard.Vice.com

Exhale the Bullsh!t

Sometimes you have more crashes than good runs, but I still wanted to share some of the fun. FCPX is getting more and more familiar to me. If you are on a Mac – I highly suggest it. Enjoy!