Hovership Zuul Teaser

The Zuul is the first carbon fiber frame from 3D printing quad frame pioneer Hovership. Check out the video for a sneak peak at what’s in store. Coming early in 2015!

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Insane FPV Speed Performance Test: Epic Mini

Check out this insane FPV video from Richard Shelton, the creator and designer of the Epic Mini and the owner of Multicopter Builders. Unbelievable speed in an awesome spot.

This is the MB Epic flying all the same motor, props, and ESCs that come in the ARF kit!
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BEE245: Black Edition. The Story so Far

I crashed 9 times in 21 flights. Sometimes into the ground. Sometimes into a tree. Sometimes into both – one right after the other. All the times were hard and fast (insert dick joke here) – because I like to “fly it like I stole it”.

I broke 23 props, lost 3 Moongel pads, broke 2 rubber bands, and had to rummage for my Mobius in a sea of leaves twice. Yes twice. I HAD A FUCKING BLAST.

Somewhere buried in the sea of features, flight times, and AUW comparisons lies the reason we all got into flying in the first place – it’s FUN. What is not fun is worrying about crashing and breaking some of your gear, or worse yet – part of your frame. Not having to worry about gear or a frame failing is something the sponsored pilots take advantage of, and it shows in their flight videos. Would you hesitate to attempt a double roll through a window knowing one mistake could cost you hundreds of dollars? Probably. But if you knew someone would send you another frame – that would help – right?


The reality is that not all of us will be sponsored – so the next best thing would be to buy a frame that we knew would be tough enough to take the abuse so we could focus on what matters – flying faster, harder, and taking more new chances without the distraction of worrying. After some rigorous testing during my first FPV session a week ago – it became very clear to me that the BEE245 was up to the task of taking any and all the abuse I could throw at it. Don’t let the look of the arms fool you – they are extremely tough and after multiple meetings with the trees and ground, they have yet to show any signs of wear. Same with the bottom PDB plate. The ESCs have stayed cool and are protected from damage due to being tucked away between the two plates.

This past weekend I stopped worrying about crashing and started trying to push myself harder than I ever have before. I didn’t turn into a pro in one weekend, but I did try a few new aerial maneuvers and flew through a few gaps that I hadn’t dared try before – all at speeds that were extremely fast considering that I have the BEE245 setup on 3s. You can thank the 475g AUW for that.image

I have plenty more testing to do, and an entire month to do so – but my early thoughts are that this frame makes for one hell of a setup for proximity based flying for when slicing between trees or blasting though buildings is your passion.

I personally like having a few frames setup for different purposes. This frame isn’t about blasting around at rocket ship speeds above the trees on 4s (my Epic Mini 280 fills that need), but it isn’t designed to BEE.

Part 1 of my review of the BEE:245

BEE245: Black Edition Review Annoucement 

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Review Announcement: BEE245: Black Edition

Check out the teaser video for my upcoming review of the BEE245: Black Edition, from Birds Eye in Denmark.

Birds Eye:


QAV250 Mini Quad Attacked By Hawk FPV

Club Member: Daniel Bent : View his Channel

I was out flying fpv. I seen a shadow through my goggles following me, turned around and was surprised to see a Hawk trying to take me out.

No Hawks were harmed in this video.

Song: Rustie – Slasherr (Flume Edit)

Tiger Motor MN2204-2300kv
Luminier 12A ESC’s
Gemfan 5×3
Naze32 Acro
Ublox 6M GPS
Minim OSD KV Team Mod KVOSD
Sony 600tvl Board Camera
Frsky d4R;II
ImersionRC Spironet 5.8
Fatshark Dominator V2
Pulse 3S 1350
Mobius Actioncam
Fatshark 250mw VTX

Blackout, Meet Concrete 2 – GuerillaFPV

Check out this video from MQC Member Nate Wilcox! Visit his channel!

Unexpected shut down / crash

Motors: Cobra 2204-32 1960
ESC: Simon 12A Rapid ESC from Abusemark
Battery: 4S Turnigy 2200 MAH
FC: Naze32
Rx/Tx: Spekrtum Satellite AR8000 / DX8
Props: HQ5040
FPV: Sony 600TVL PZ0420
Fat Shark Dominator V2.2
Vtx: 5.8 ghz ImmersionRC 600mw
Video: GoPro Hero + 3

MQC: Mobius Lost

I went flying early one morning while testing the Minion 260 and lost radio contact. It took me almost two hours to find the quad and the lipo. I left without finding the Mobius.

I went back two weeks later with a metal detector. Success! Enjoy!


New Review Announcement!

Check out the video and see what I will be reviewing next!

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Hovership Launches MHQ2

Steve from Hovership, for those of you who don’t know, is a pioneer in the field of 3D printed quad frames. Following the success of his MHQ 3D printed frame, he has launched a new product. Be sure to check it out.

from the site:

The redesigned 3D printed MHQ2 folding mini quadcopter frame has arrived! Building on the success of the original MHQ frame, we have improved the functionality, durability and stability of this frame. The MHQ2 frame uses the same arms and hardware from the MHQ with the addition of 4x more 18mm screws and 4x locknuts. The use of 6″ props is possible with the new XL arm version. Most parts come in black, select the color of your flight/camera deck and arms.


  • Redesigned base with greatly reduced torsion for better flight stability.
  • Camera and battery have a lower center of gravity. Both now mount down on the flight control deck.
  • Hardtail mounting: you can skip the clean layer and mount the top plate directly to the base.
  • Wider landing gear and slots on the underside of the baseplate for mounting the battery if preferred.
  • Improved landing gear thickness and durability.
  • Mounting holes for SMA extension cables.
  • Integrated GoPro and Mobius mount. Reinforced structure reduces damage in a crash and elevates the GoPro for the use of a USB live-out FPV cable.
  • Support for M3 “bobbin” style vibration dampeners.
  • Now with 35mm spacers to support flight controllers with straight header pins.


Available Online at: www.hovership.com/guides


  • Weight: 165g including motor screws
  • Wheelbase: 270mm (diagnolly, motor to motor)
  • Flight controller: It is recommended to use a smaller (lighter) controller with a footprint of ~35mm. The flight control deck can accomodate boards with a max hole spacing of 45x45mm.
  • Max Prop: 5″ (6″ possible with XL arms)
  • Recommended battery: 3s 1300-1500mAh
  • ESCs: 12a
  • Motors: 1804-2204 size (22g or less)


  • 1 set of printed parts
  • 4x M3 20mm screws
  • 8x M3 18mm screws
  • 4x M3 12mm screws
  • 12x M3 5mm screws
  • 4x M3 5mm nylon screws
  • 6x 35mm black aluminum spacers
  • 4x 6mm M3 white nylon spacer
  • 4x M3 white nylon nuts
  • 16\x M3 Locknuts
  • 8x M3 nylon washers
  • 8x M3 metal washers
  • 6x 7mm size vibration dampeners
  • 16x M2 or M3 screws for motors