MQC Announces EXCLUSIVE US Distribution Deals

We test a lot of products here at the MQC – with special attention to frames. In fact, we have probably flown and built more frames then most pilots build their entire lives. We pride ourselves on giving detailed, honest feedback on each and every frame to help pilots make the most educated decision they can when investing into a platform. We have given quite a few frames our “thumbs up”, but every once in awhile, we come across something that we really believe in. Something that is a pleasure to fly, easy to repair, and can handle the crashes and keep coming back for more.

IMG_1096.JPGDuring our review of the Minion and the BEEE245, we felt that both setups hit all the marks but both had the same shortcoming – they were located and designed outside of the USA and were not being represented to our US market effectively. Only a handful of people had even heard of either – yet they were some of the nicest, most intelligently designed frames in the marketplace. We needed to fix that.

IMG_1593We are proud to announce that MQC is now the EXCLUSIVE US Distributor for Birdseye and Pat’s Mini H Quad frames and accessories. You can shop our store and buy with confidence knowing that your investment will be supported and backed by the largest mini quad focused company on the planet.

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