MQC Airframes Announces Sponsorship of the Purdue Drone Racing Team

April 3rd, 2017 – For Immediate Release

MQC Airframes, the daughter company of MQC, is proud to announce their partnership with the 2017 Purdue Drone Racing Team. The Team will be flying the companies airframes for the first annual Collegiate Drone Racing Championship to be held at Purdue University on April 15th, 2017. This is sure to be a historic event in the drone racing community, and MQC is extremely excited to be able to offer their support to such a great group of pilots.

“The Purdue Drone Racing Team has quickly become one of the most respected college drone racing teams in the country and we are proud to help support them on their home turf for such a historical event” said MQC CEO and Founder Nick Miller. “Their organization is based on the same positive ideals that MQC has been building upon since it’s inception – stressing the importance of education through build sessions and community involvement.

The partnership, however, will not be limited to airframe support for their pilots, and will continue on throughout the 2017 Season. “We are really looking forward to sharing some of our new concepts and working with the Team on new projects and new ideas” said Travis Mashburn, Partner at MQC Airframes.

“We are beyond excited to be partnering with MQC Airframes! Our goals here at Purdue align exactly with the goals of MQC in which we want to spread a positive light on the miniquad community and encourage STEM development within the hobby. We are very excited about this partnership and believe that this could cause a positive change on the way the world sees the sport of drone racing!” ~ Purdue Drone Club