Sometimes you have an FPV session that makes you feel just like a bird. It’s not about racing or time trials, but pure, free flight. I just had what I would consider to be the best session of my entire time flying, and I am not afraid to say that I am so happy that I’m actually tearing up a little. This is why we fly. This is FPV. Thank you all for sharing in this with me. You are my FPV Family, and your support and your kindnessss in helping us to all bring this hobby to the masses means the world to me. ‪#‎MQC4Life‬

Hovership 12amp ESCs
Hovership 2204 1960kv motors
Hovership ZUUL Superbeast frame
D4R-II Receiver
Fatshark 250mw VTx
SecurityZone Mini PZ0420 FPV Cam
Xiaomi Yi Camera
4s lipo