Since the release of the MQC ONE airframe in September of 2015, we have been continually overwhelmed by the communities support as we took our first steps into the airframe manufacturing space. Our goal was simple: Design an easy to maintain, fun to fly airframe that could take a beating – empowering all those who fly it to push their limits.

Since that time, hundreds of Pilots have discovered what it feels like to fly an airframe that aims to strike a balance between form and functionality, all wrapped up with a warranty that we proudly stand behind. For us it’s not an option, it’s our duty: Pilots first, profits second.

For the past six months, we have been designing and prototyping products for our 2016 lineup that we believe continue in the MQC tradition. Simple. Durable. Fun to fly. Warrantied. After a torrent of freezing winter FPV sessions, and several hundred crashes – it’s almost time for us to share the fruit of our efforts. In the end, we design what we love to fly, and hope that you feel the same way. We are pilots, first and foremost, and our frames are our form of self expression. United, We Fly. #MQC4LIFE