My full review of the HobbyKing Quantum DIY FPV Goggle Kit v2 available at for around $55 depending on your location.

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While they won’t pull Fatshark or Skyline users away from their beloved goggles, they are the perfect way for first time FPVers to jump in without have to spend hundreds of dollars. Only the viewing distance stops these from being the perfect product.

– cheap
– customizable
– big screen

– screen may be too close for some users to view comfortably without modification
– top strap doesn’t adjust

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Check out my review of the Xiaomi Yi Sports Action camera. I have been using it on my Hovership ZUUL Superbeast and think its quite the camera for just under $100.

Links to my Xiaomi Yi Footage in FULL 1080p 60fps
“Down in the Park” with the Superbeast
“Take Me to Church with the Superbeast

You can purchase yours in the USA from Team Black Sheep

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