Since the launch of the Facebook group this June, things have been on the up and up with our community. Between the Facebook group, Twitter, and Instrgram – hundreds of us have joined forces and helped to create the largest social network decided to mini quads in the world! Thanks so much for everyones help in making this dream start to become a reality.

There are plenty of big things coming up in the weeks ahead, including more product reviews, how-to-guides, and even the launch of our own custom merchandise which will be available via online store SOON. I am so excited about all the possibilities!

Thanks so much for making all this possible. More to come!


I review the HyperLite 275 made by Thrust UAV. This is part 2 of the review covering the build. Enjoy!

This video comes to us from Mini Quad Club Member Ryan Kyles. He is one of the best proximity guys out there right now. Enjoy the video!

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Sometimes you crash more than you fly. Enjoy!

The Federal Aviation Administration took the first initial steps today toward severely restricting or banning all hobby and commercial drone flights in the country, putting in a request to formally cancel the document under which model aircraft have legally operated since 1981.

The document it wants to kill is called Advisory Circular 91-57, and it’s a really important one for those who fly drones: issued in 1981, the document sets the voluntary guidelines under which drones can be flown (you can read much more about that in our earlier explanation here).


Part 1 of my 3 part review of the Thrust UAV HyperLite 275.

Sometimes you have more crashes than good runs, but I still wanted to share some of the fun. FCPX is getting more and more familiar to me. If you are on a Mac – I highly suggest it. Enjoy!